The Method

Reclaim Health


Instead of a weight management approach, I work with my clients to customise for them simple lifestyle, food and exercise hacks that will not only result in weight loss and other  improvements in health but will also reverse symptoms and disease conditions (even those as yet undiagnosed). 

Alter How you Perceive Yourself


Stand in front of a mirror, unclothed, if possible. Notice what the voice in your head is saying about each aspect of your body. Are you mostly happy or unhappy with what you see? It is time to shift negative perceptions you have of your physical shape and relate to your Self and Body with Love. Learn and inculcate simple daily mindful practices that boost Self Love and eliminate toxic viewpoints that restrain your wellness.

Cleansing is important


Your body is a miraculous machine which unfortunately has to deal with toxicity coming in from all kinds of pollution, processed foods, chemicals used to grow food, cleaning products and cosmetics. We drive our bodies over the edge and they're only trying to cope with the toxicity but these manifest as unwanted/painful/life-changing symptoms and disorders. Regular cleansing first through food, fasting and other methods is necessary to lasting wellness.

Different Planes of Wellness


Wellness (or illness) exists on different planes -  mainly physical, spiritual & emotional. You can't address chronic problems or expect good health without making significant lifestyle, diet, exercise and attitudinal changes. Focusing on only one of these all of the time will not bring about disappearance of pain/healing/reversal of chronic conditions/thriving. The best way to approach it is to create a list of habits to create and get to work. Anything done for 21 days is said to create new neural pathways. Habits that need to be done away with like smoking, regular consumption of alcohol, snacking on junk foods, eating out a lot, etc. can be eroded by abstinence for a month or longer. 

Work with Me

Online/Telephonic Wellness Consultations

In today's busy world, we barely get enough quality time with our families, let alone see a practitioner regularly. I do consult in person if you live in Chennai. However distance doesn't have to be an obstacle for those who are committed to a better state of health. 

Family Nutrition Education

With the Family package, you get personalised, detailed, actionable information and support in implementing it in your family's daily life. We tackle a step-by-step program lasting around 3 months during which you and your entire family   learn how to be well for life. 

School Wellness Programs

I am passionate and concerned about the health of our children. The sky-high risks of this generation developing some chronic disease condition by age 40 needs to be turned around. This can only be done by 'fooducating' them. I will  address ANY group of parents and/or children upon request. I also envision working with schools, training teachers to simply, scientifically impart a nutrition curriculum  to their students.

Nutrition Workshops for Adults and Children

Want to get the wellness message across to a large group of people? Email me. I also organise and conduct workshops so look out for upcoming events in South India on the Homepage.

Corporate Nutrition Consultation, Support and Workshops

I worked closely with software giants (Cisco, Google,  HP... to name a few) and gained an understanding of the nature of their work and the impact of that on their employees' lifestyle and wellness. I support Companies who want to offer their employees the best nutrition information and how to take that home, implement and live it in their daily lives. 

Health Writing

I live for and love writing (check out my blog). I've written for magazines, weeklies and ezines as well. Nutrition content, copy, articles, posts, books ... Have keyboard, will type!


Smitha Suresh