Smitha Suresh
Holistic Nutritionist

The Method


Reclaim Wellness

Instead of a weight management approach, I work with my clients to customise for them simple lifestyle, food and exercise hacks that will not only result in weight loss and other  improvements in health but will also reverse symptoms and disease conditions (even those as yet undiagnosed). 


Alter How you Perceive Yourself

Stand in front of a mirror, unclothed, if possible. Notice what the voice in your head is saying about each aspect of your body. Are you mostly happy or unhappy with what you see? It is time to shift negative perceptions you have of your physical shape and relate to your Self and Body with Love. Learn and inculcate simple daily mindful practices that boost Self Love and eliminate toxic viewpoints that restrain your wellness.


Cleansing is important

Your body is a miraculous machine which unfortunately has to deal with toxicity coming in from all kinds of pollution, processed foods, chemicals used to grow food, cleaning products and cosmetics. We drive our bodies over the edge and they're only trying to cope with the toxicity but these manifest as unwanted/painful/life-changing symptoms and disorders. Regular cleansing first through food, fasting and other methods is necessary to lasting wellness.

About Me

Smitha Suresh, Holistic Nutritionist


My M.Sc in Food Science and Nutrition plus a decade of work experience had not prepared me to deal with my autoimmune disorder, triggered when I became pregnant. I had to learn anew, research deeply, discover and incorporate new practices for wellness to boost my immune system and heal my body. 

Video / audio consultations, Follow Up, Family Wellness Program, Wellness Discussion Sessions, Webinars, Corporate Nutrition Counselling and more...


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