Smitha Suresh


M.Sc., Food Science & Nutrition

My Master's degree plus a decade of work experience had not prepared me to deal with my autoimmune disorder, triggered when I became pregnant. I had to learn anew, research deeply, discover and incorporate new practices for wellness to boost my immune system and heal my body. 


Holistic Nutritionist

Walking the talk, reversing my autoimmune condition, enhancing my own nutrition and wellness and that of my family's through discipline and persistence, has given me insights into transforming human behaviour which allows individuals to realise their wellness potential.


Our Soul's Temple

Everyone has a moment where they realise that life does not go on forever. Whether you will be healthy and functioning optimally even in your old age depends entirely on your diet and lifestyle RIGHT NOW. As parents, we are also responsible for our children's food awareness, attitudes and choices. Let's build healthy generations to come.